The Dangers of Food Truck Accidents in Atlanta

Food trucks are the place to go if you want inexpensive but delicious sandwiches, fusion food, and snacks. Home of the Atlanta Food Truck Park & Market, Atlanta is no stranger to the excitement of food trucks. However, this rapidly growing trend has also led to some tragic accidents. In nearby Florida, a food truck experienced a catastrophic tire failure, crashed, and left both occupants dead.

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Heavy-Duty Kitchen Equipment

Food trucks are often fitted with a range of kitchen equipment. Depending on the cuisine served, a truck may have deep fryers, gas grills, flat-top grills, and ovens. Not only is this equipment incredibly heavy and capable of changing a truck’s center of gravity, but it is also powered by a wide range of dangerous chemicals.

In the event of a crash, these chemicals could catch fire, combine with other chemicals and start a fire, or make the road slippery and unsafe for driving. Keep in mind that kitchen knives, mandolins, and other sharp equipment can become airborne in a crash, putting vehicle occupants at further risk.

The Potential of Fatigued and Inexperienced Drivers

The primary difference between food trucks and other commercial trucks is the type of driver you’ll find behind the wheel. Tractor trailers, delivery trucks, and work trucks tend to have professional drivers guiding them to safety.

On the other hand, food trucks are generally driven by passionate professional chefs and business owners. While they may have good intentions, they may simply have less experience driving large, bulky trucks than other commercial truck drivers. This makes preventable accidents far more likely.

On top of that, a food truck driver could make mistakes caused by fatigue. Running a food truck is notoriously exhausting, with many operators pulling long night shifts to prep food before the day starts, only to then spend the entire day driving and cooking for customers.

Massive Blind Spots

Food trucks, much like other commercial vehicles, have incredibly large blind spots. This can make it impossible to see vehicles directly to the side of the truck, behind the truck, and a short distance ahead of the truck. However, anyone who has never driven a commercial truck is unlikely to know this and therefore may not avoid the truck’s blind spots. Combine that with an inexperienced truck driver, and accidents are a very real risk.

This risk is especially dangerous in a large city like Atlanta. Atlanta’s traffic is known for being bumper-to-bumper in peak times, leaving little room for error. A truck driver attempting to switch lanes, back into the perfect spot for their food truck, or slow down for a turn could be unaware of the cars around them. Since the vehicles around them do not know that the driver cannot see them, they may be unwilling to move or create room for the truck.

Driving in Unfamiliar Areas

While some food trucks get settled into their routes and favorite locations after operating for a while, others are always trying to find new customers to try their food. If a truck is in an area that the driver is unfamiliar with, the already difficult task of driving a food truck becomes even more challenging.

As they try to navigate the web of Atlanta’s roads, find their way out of a sea of one-way roads, and find road signs that tell them where to go, it’s unlikely that their full attention is on their surroundings. Again, these are the ideal circumstances for an accident. Additionally, some food trucks cater special events like weddings and baby showers. This often requires driving to new and unfamiliar locations.

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