Dental Injuries that Result from Accidents

Dental injuries typically occur when the head or the mouth slams into or is struck by an object. But these injuries can also happen if a person has their mouth open at the time of an accident and the force of the collision jolts the head and causes the mouth to close abruptly. In a higher impact crash, the lower teeth could end up getting crushed by the upper teeth.

Here are some of the more common injuries that occur in the mouth after an accident:

  • Fractured Tooth: A collision can cause one or more teeth to get cracked or fractured. Tooth fractures can affect just the crown, or they can involve the enamel, dentin, and pulp layers of the tooth. More severe fractures can also affect the tissues and the nerves around the tooth.
  • Tooth Luxation/Loosened Tooth: A loosened or dislodged tooth is known as a tooth luxation. When this happens, the tooth shifts or moves within the mouth and/or is dislodged from its socket. If treated within a few hours after the accident, a dental professional can usually preserve the tooth and get it back into its original position.
  • Avulsed/Knocked Out Tooth: An avulsed tooth is one that is knocked completely out of its socket. The tooth can be placed back into its socket if the procedure is done between 30 minutes and two hours after the accident. If it is not done within that time frame, the tooth will most likely die, and you will need a replacement.
  • Broken Jaw: One of the most serious mouth injuries that result from an accident is a fractured/broken jaw. This type of fracture can take several weeks to several months to heal, and during recovery, the victim will usually be confined to a diet of liquid nutrition that has to be sucked through a straw.

The Hidden Costs of Dental Injuries

The cost of a dental injury goes far beyond just the medical bills to repair the damaged teeth and/or jaw. Mouth injuries come with excruciating pain and accompanying headaches that the victim has to deal with day after day not knowing when the pain is going to end. In the case of a broken jaw, the individual will suffer a severely diminished quality of life having to live on a special liquid diet until the fracture is healed.

Another concern when it comes to dental injuries is that they do not always heal properly. Depending on the age and health of the victim and other factors, they could end up having to permanently deal with the effects of the injury.

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