Psychological Tolls of Truck Accident

Beyond the Physical: Addressing the Emotional Toll of Truck Accidents

When people think about serious truck accidents, they often think about the physical fallout of the crash. That makes sense; truck accidents can cause such catastrophic injuries that physical harm is the primary concern. However, it’s important to remember that there is also lots of emotional and psychological damage that can follow a serious collision. Addressing these needs can help victims get the support and treatment they need to avoid lasting trauma and psychological harm.

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Emotional Reactions to a Truck Accident

Victims may have a wide range of reactions to an accident, depending on the severity of the crash, their injuries, their loved ones’ injuries, their natural coping skills, and past trauma. Some people get stuck in a state of shock and disbelief, refusing to accept what happened and move on. Others are consumed by fear and anxiety. Some funnel their negative feelings into anger, which often feels like a less vulnerable emotion.

Guilt is also incredibly common after a serious accident, especially if the person in question wasn’t severely injured but a loved one was seriously or fatally injured. They may replay the accident over and over again in their mind, wondering why they were spared and their loved ones were not. It is very challenging to break out of these habits and thought patterns.

How Loved Ones May Be Affected

Even if someone isn’t directly involved in a truck accident, they may suffer emotional side effects and trauma. Obviously, if their loved one dies in a truck accident, they may spend years or even decades recovering from that loss. Even if their loved one survives, they may suffer tremendously in the months to come. Family members and friends often worry about another accident happening and their loved one not being quite as lucky the next time. They may become obsessive about their family members’ actions and movements in an effort to keep them safe.

If someone suffers a catastrophic injury in a crash, it’s possible that they will need ongoing around-the-clock care as a result. Loved ones may suffer caregiver burnout, particularly if they are also working and handling other obligations.

Navigating Trauma and PTSD

It is crucial for the loved ones of a truck accident victim to be on the lookout for PTSD and other diagnoses caused by trauma. PTSD can cause victims to take on a wide range of unhealthy coping mechanisms. Affected individuals may avoid driving completely, drink excessively, turn to drugs, isolate themselves from loved ones, or obsess over the accident in unhealthy ways.

PTSD outcomes vary quite a bit between individuals, but in general, early intervention is the best way to avoid permanent damage. Intervening shortly after a traumatic event can prevent those thought pathways from becoming permanent and give an individual space to recover in a healthy way.

Signs of PTSD include reliving the event through flashbacks and nightmares, avoiding things that remind the victim of the event, a flood of negative thoughts and feelings, a constant state of hyperarousal, and isolation from loved ones.

Support and Treatment Options

Many victims lean on friends and family members for support. This is an excellent way to start your journey to recovery, but loved ones should not be your only source of support. Complex trauma and PTSD are complicated mental health issues that require the assistance of a professional. Victims may find it helpful to speak with both a psychiatrist and a therapist. A psychiatrist can provide an official diagnosis and prescribe medications, while a therapist can guide them through DBT or CBT therapy to help them develop healthy coping skills.

Explore Your Legal Options After a Truck Accident

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