What to Do If the Insurance Adjuster Distorts Your Words After a Big Rig Accident

Truck accidents are a major cause of severe and fatal injuries across the United States. Despite the fact that truck accidents have the potential to change victims’ lives forever, insurance companies still do everything they can to limit settlement payouts and deny liability. If you’ve been hurt in a truck accident, what should your next step be if the company is twisting your words and using them against you?

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Take Preventative Action If Possible

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that’s particularly relevant in this situation. The best way to prevent this problem is to avoid talking to the trucking company or their insurance company at all.

They have one goal in mind when they reach out to you: to find dirt they can use against you in your claim. If an unexpected number calls you after the crash, you can either wait for them to leave a voicemail or answer and find out where they are calling from. If you do the latter, tell them that you will call them back when you are able to talk. You can then direct the call to your attorney.

However, if you’ve already said something that they are trying to use against you, this advice isn’t enough. Here’s what we recommend.

Don’t Tell Them Anything Else

Upon realizing that the trucking company is actively using your words against you, it’s time to cut the call short and stop giving them any information they can manipulate. The best time to stop talking was before you answered the phone—the second best time is now. Politely end the call and hang up.

Avoid Signing Anything

At some point during this process, the trucking company may ask you to sign something. This is likely a liability waiver or something that harms your claim. You do not need to sign anything until you have had an attorney review it. Insurance adjusters can be pushy about this because they know that if you do have an attorney review it, your attorney will tell you not to sign it. Refuse to sign anything unless your lawyer tells you otherwise.

Jot Down Everything You’ve Already Told the Trucking Company

Your lawyer will need to go into damage control mode, but for them to do their job effectively, they have to know what they are up against. As soon as you’ve hung up with the insurance company, write down everything you remember about the conversation. Include the specific questions they asked, answers you gave, and any information you gave them.

Don’t hide anything to try to make yourself look better or because you feel embarrassed about the information you provided. Remember, insurance adjusters are trained to get that information out of people. You did nothing wrong—their manipulation tactics just worked on you. The more your lawyer knows about what was said, the easier it is for them to do their job.

Reach Out to an Attorney

Now it’s time to find a truck accident lawyer who can tackle your claim head-on and take over negotiations. Give them all of the evidence you have from the crash, as well as the notes you have from your conversation with the trucking company.

They will ask questions about the accident and your injuries, make sure they understand everything that has already happened and develop a plan for the next steps. Ensure that you choose an attorney with extensive experience in truck accidents, as these crashes have different types of evidence available, federal driving regulations, and higher compensation limits than other types of vehicle crashes.

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