Catastrophic Injuries Caused by Truck Wheels and Tires

Catastrophic Injuries Caused by Truck Wheels and Tires

Tractor-trailer accidents are less common than accidents involving solely passenger vehicles. However, when they do happen, they can be catastrophic. A substantial portion of collisions are the result of truck wheel and tire issues. As a driver, you should understand the risks posed by wheels and tires, as well as your rights after a crash.

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Possible Issues with Truck Wheels and Tires

There are a surprising amount of things that can go wrong with a truck’s wheels and tires. Some of the most common errors and issues include:

  • Using the wrong tires: Truck tires have become surprisingly specific in recent years, offering different components, designs, and patterns. This allows truck drivers to choose the best tires for their specialized driving tasks. But when drivers use the wrong tires, they can wear down or fail more quickly.
  • Mismatched tires: Tires tend to be incredibly expensive. When one is worn down and requires replacing, companies may only replace the worn tire instead of getting an entirely new set. This may lead to mismatched tires, which can cause significant issues over time.
  • Underinflation: Many tire blowouts you see on the highway are the result of underinflation.
  • Mechanical errors: There are many ways that wheels and tires can struggle with mechanical issues. Common issues include chassis misalignment, bent axles, and drive axle misalignment.

When Wheels and Tires Become Debris

There are numerous ways that wheels and tires can cause crashes. The first and most obvious is that they can suffer a blowout, which causes the truck driver to lose control and crash the vehicle. It’s also possible, though, for a tire to become dangerous debris that sprawls across the road and causes additional collisions. When tires and wheels fail, they can spin off the truck or become shredded. They may hit other vehicles, land on windshields and block drivers’ vision, and become dangerous obstacles for distracted drivers.

The Role of Negligence and Liability

Negligence and liability are important concepts in truck accident claims in Atlanta. When a wheel or tire causes a crash, finding out who is to blame is the first step in seeking compensation. Potentially liable parties include negligent manufacturers who produce unsafe tires, trucking companies that fail to conduct proper inspections and maintenance, and truck drivers who don’t identify potential safety issues.

Common Catastrophic Injuries

Wheel and tire problems can lead to a variety of catastrophic injuries. These injuries may eventually become fatal, force victims out of their jobs, and cause permanent limitations. Possible injuries include:

  • Amputations: Amputations may be caused by contact with the wheel or tire itself, or such serious injuries that surgeons have no choice but to remove the affected limb. It’s no secret that amputations can have a profound impact on a victim’s physical and mental health for the rest of their life.
  • Spinal cord damage: Damage to the spinal cord can limit mobility, cause bowel or bladder incontinence, and even lead to paralysis. A lot depends on where the injury occurs, whether or not the spinal cord is completely severed, and how quickly a victim begins treatment.
  • Severe fractures: Severe fractures are far more difficult to treat than simple breaks. They often require surgery and follow-up care. When patients spend months off of a broken bone, they typically have to attend physical therapy to regain their strength and mobility.
  • Traumatic brain injuries: While most traumatic brain injuries are not catastrophic, the most severe TBIs cause permanent damage and losses. Victims may require around-the-clock care, physical and occupational therapy, and expensive adaptive equipment.

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