Truck Accident Attorney Trial Experience

Why Your Truck Accident Lawyer Should Have Trial Experience

Even a truck accident that’s considered minor can have devastating consequences. It’s not uncommon for a truck collision to shut down the entire highway, cause damage to multiple vehicles, and destroy public structures like guardrails and medians. If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, you may be owed compensation. Choosing the right Atlanta truck accident lawyer is a key part of fighting for what you’re owed.

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A Quick Settlement Isn’t Always in Your Best Interest

One of the reasons your attorney should have trial experience is that settling early isn’t always the best option for your case. Yes, the other side wants to settle quickly—but that is what’s best for them. They want to settle before you know the full extent of your injuries and financial losses. However, it’s often better for victims to hold off on settling until they know just how bad their injuries are. This means you need an attorney who can negotiate aggressively and push back against pressure from the insurance company. You can bet that a lawyer with trial experience knows how to apply pressure on the party when it’s necessary.

Truck Accidents Are High-Stakes Cases

Compared to other types of auto accident cases, truck accident cases tend to be incredibly expensive. Commercial trucks are capable of causing far more damage than smaller vehicles, which means that victims are often entitled to larger payouts. Many crashes even result in fatalities. But in order to get the compensation you deserve, you need an attorney who is willing to push the other party to their limits. In some cases, that means going to trial. An insurance company isn’t going to offer a full settlement unless they know that the attorney will, in fact, move forward with a lawsuit. You could be left with permanent injuries, a totaled vehicle, and mental trauma after a truck accident—make sure your lawyer is up to the task.

Trucking Companies Play Hardball

There are more parties involved in a truck accident claim than there are in other types of car accident cases. In addition to the insurance companies representing both drivers, the trucking company will also have a say in the outcome of your claim. Truck accidents can be incredibly expensive, often resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage between property damage and bodily harm. 

Trucking companies will fight hard to limit their liability and avoid a payout that could put their insurance in jeopardy. If your attorney has never taken a case to court, they may be unwilling to do so. This means that ultimately, they are at the mercy of whatever the trucking company’s top offer is. As a result, you could be left with less than you actually deserve for the losses you’ve suffered. Trucking companies fight hard, so you need an attorney who is willing to fight just as hard for you.

You May Actually Have to Go to Trial

 Finally, you want a lawyer with trial experience because your case may actually need to go to court. This is fairly rare for personal injury claims, including truck accidents, but not unheard of. In complicated cases or cases involving substantial losses, it may be necessary for you to go to court to get a fair shot at full compensation. Should your case end up being one of those that goes to court, you want to know that your lawyer has what it takes. While everyone has to learn at some time, you really don’t want your expensive truck accident case to be the first time that your attorney takes a case all the way through litigation—you want an attorney with successful court awards behind them.

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