The Importance of Eyewitnesses in a Truck Accident Case

The Importance of Eyewitnesses in a Truck Accident Case

A truck accident can wreak havoc on your life, devastating your financial security, physical health and well-being, and job security. When truck accidents cause serious injuries or fatalities, it’s rarely the truck occupants that are affected. Usually, occupants of the passenger vehicle suffer the worst outcomes.

There’s a lot you can do to strengthen your case and make the most of your claim. Eyewitnesses are an important part of that. Find out how we can use eyewitnesses in your truck accident case, and when you’re ready to take the first step in your claim, call Bailey Javins & Carter at 678-210-3292.

What Eyewitnesses Bring to Your Case

Eyewitnesses to a truck accident can bring immeasurable value to your case. You can talk all day about what happened to you and what you observed, but the insurance company will always take your claims with a grain of salt. You stand to benefit financially if they believe your words, so they are wary of believing you. The same isn’t true for eyewitnesses.

Depending on what they observed, eyewitnesses may provide a wide range of information in a case:

  • How the accident happened: Long before an accident actually happens, both parties have been observed by others on the road. If either of those parties engages in risky or negligent behavior on the road, you can bet that other drivers notice. If another driver notices that a truck is swerving, drifting between lanes, or driving in an unpredictable manner, that can be useful for your attorney.
  • Injuries or property damage they noticed: Truck accident scenes can be chaotic, often marked by totaled vehicles, damaged guardrails and other public property, and injured individuals. If an eyewitness sees any of these types of damage, they can talk about it in court or during a deposition. This type of testimony is useful for determining how much compensation a victim deserves.
  • What the road was like during the collision: Accidents aren’t always the fault of one driver or the other. There are often other factors at play, including weather, road conditions, traffic levels, and construction. If any of these factors made it hard for a driver to stay safe, an eyewitness can back that up with their own observations.
  • How each party acted: How you conduct yourself at the scene of the accident could have a significant impact on how your case is handled. For example, consider a truck driver that comes out of their truck apologizing, asking if you’re okay, and explaining what they did wrong. That may be considered an admission of guilt. On the flip side, imagine a driver who stumbles out of their truck. They look obviously impaired and seem dazed and confused. These types of observations may help with determining liability.

Finding Reliable Eyewitnesses

Finding eyewitnesses can add more layers of evidence to your personal injury claim. If you are lucky, eyewitnesses will stop at the scene of the crash to provide assistance, call 911, and talk to the police when they arrive. If this happens, make sure you get their contact information before you leave the scene. This allows you to pass the information on to your attorney.

Even if no one stops at the scene of the crash, you may still be able to find eyewitnesses. If your accident occurred on a road near homes and businesses, you might be able to reach out to local homeowners and employees of local businesses. If they were home or at work at the time, they may have their own observations from the crash.

Make the Most of Your Evidence with an Attorney

You should move quickly after being involved in a truck accident. Eyewitnesses’ memories fade quickly, and if you wait too long to reach out to them, they may not have any value to add to your claim. Once you’ve sought medical care, make it a priority to talk to a truck accident lawyer.

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