Common On-the-Job Neck Injuries

Neck injuries at work can severely disrupt a person’s life. An on-the-job neck injury can occur because of a one-time event (such as trying to lift something that is too heavy), or it can happen over a period of time, which is quite common with workers who do repetitive tasks that are hard on that area of the body.

When a neck injury happens on the job, the worker can normally obtain benefits through their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. But workers’ comp only provides limited benefits, and there are often parties other than the employer who may hold some responsibility for the injury. When this is the case, workers are entitled to a wider range of damages.

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On the Job Neck Injuries in Georgia

Neck injuries are common in a number of different occupations, and as we touched on earlier, workers that perform repetitive tasks that affect the neck area are most susceptible. This is even more true when there is a lot of heavy lifting is involved and they are doing fast-paced work.

The construction industry is a good example of one in which workers can suffer a number of different injuries because of heavy lifting and repetitive strain. Working outdoors in the Georgia heat adds to the stress, which can severely affect the neck and back area over time. Agricultural workers, logging/forcing workers, and those who work in the oil and gas industry have many of the same challenges.

Aside from repetitive movements, there are a number of other reasons why neck injuries occur on-the-job:

  • Slips, Trips, and Falls: Falls are among the leading causes of all types of workplace injuries and deaths, including neck injuries. Workers may fall because of slippery substances on the floor or ground, or they may trip over loose wiring and/or debris that is not where it should be. In construction, falls from heights is another common cause of severe injuries.
  • Struck By/Struck Against Events: Another common reason for various types of workplace injuries is getting hit by an object or struck against a hard surface. This again is very common in the construction industry when carelessness leads to loose objects and debris falling and striking workers in the head and neck areas.
  • Faulty Equipment and Machinery: The machinery and equipment that is used in various workplaces can sometimes malfunction and cause serious injuries. The common reason for this is either product defects, negligent maintenance, or a combination of the two. When a neck injury happens because of defective or dangerous equipment, it may be possible to bring a product liability claim against the equipment manufacturer or distributor.
  • Auto Accidents: Many occupations involve driving while on the job. Some workers drive full-time, as is the case with long-haul truck drivers and delivery drivers, while others spend just a portion of their work time on the road. In either case, those who drive for work run the risk of being involved in a car accident, which can cause injuries to the neck and many other areas of the body.

As mentioned previously, those who suffer neck injuries at work might have a viable personal injury claim against a third party that could be at fault. When this occurs, workers can recover damages not only for direct monetary losses such as medical bills and lost earnings, but also for noneconomic losses such as pain-and-suffering and emotional distress.

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