Can Returning to Work Too Soon Hurt Your Personal Injury Claim in Atlanta?

It may seem tempting to return to work right after an injury. However, it is imperative to speak to your doctor and your personal injury lawyer to ensure you are making the right decision. It can sometimes take many days or weeks to realize your injuries’ seriousness. Thus, returning to work too soon after an incident can lead to complications and re-injury that can adversely impact your claim.

In case you are concerned about repair and medical expenses after an accident, your injury lawyer can guide you through the claim process and offer you robust representation in court to ensure that you receive rightful compensation. Therefore, it is crucial to follow all recommendations from your physician and lawyer.

Follow Medical and Legal Recommendations

You should follow any guidelines by your doctor and attorney. Your doctor will offer you advice based on your injuries to help you recover. It is vital to follow the treatment plan and attend follow-up appointments as this can promote faster recovery after your incident. The inability to do so can affect your health and even your legal claim.

After you and your doctor believe that you are ready to return to work, ensure that you provide your employer with a comprehensive doctor’s note, which will excuse your absence from work. Based on this, it offers your employer information on what you can and cannot do during your healing period.

Sometimes, your doctor may allow you to return to work under certain conditions. For instance, your doctor may say that you can resume work as long as you do not lift heavy loads. This allows your employer to make any required accommodations for you to prevent re-injury.

In your doctor’s note, details such as documentation of your injuries, relevant test outcomes and x-rays, records of your follow-up appointments, and the recovery plan you have followed through on should be included. This offers proof to your employer of why your time off work was medically necessary.

If you return to work too early, it can create problems for your health and injury claim. This makes it essential that you discuss your return with your treating physician and your personal injury lawyer. Your doctor can offer you recommendations on the basis of your injury, and your lawyer can help you understand how your actions could impact your insurance claim or truck accident case. Sometimes returning to work after an accident can impact your health and your claim.

Understand What to Do if You Re-Injure Yourself or Discover You Cannot Return to Work

In certain cases, the accident victim may follow through with their recovery plan and return to work at the right time but may re-injure themselves or experience an aggravation of a previous condition. In such cases, it is vital to inform the employer and schedule a consultation with a doctor as soon as possible.

If you return to your job and discover that you are not able to resume your previous position, discuss the matter with your employer. They may be able to allow you to work in another role until you have healed more. With that said, you may also want to go back to your doctor. They will assess your injuries and determine why you cannot return to work yet. They may advise you to take more time off work.

Consult a Seasoned Personal Injury Attorney in Atlanta

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