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5 Common Types of Construction Accidents

Working in construction is not for the faint of heart. You need to be able to work in a fast-paced environment with heavy materials, equipment and machinery. You also need to be able to work in high places and outdoors under all types of adverse weather conditions. In Georgia, for example, this could mean installing shingles all day on a rooftop in sweltering heat and with the sun beating down on you.

Construction work always makes the annual list of the most dangerous jobs in America. In fact, there are six different types of construction workers that are listed in USA Today’s top 25. Hundreds of workers in this industry die on the job each year, and tens of thousands suffer severe injuries. And according to OSHA, more than 20% of all work-related fatalities in the U.S. happen in the construction industry.

There are several ways that construction workers can get injured, here are five are the most common:


Falls are by far the leading cause of construction accident fatalities. OSHA says that slips and falls on a construction site account for approximately 40% of all worker deaths. As mentioned earlier, construction workers frequently do jobs in high places, such as on roofs, ladders, and scaffolds. Slipping and falling from heights is a major cause of serious injury, and construction companies need to be proactive and take steps to ensure that their workers are using proper safety equipment and following the best practices to avoid these types of accidents.

Struck By/Struck Against Events

Another danger that is prevalent on a construction site is getting hit by heavy machinery, materials, or loose objects, or getting thrown against a hard surface such as a wall or the ground. On construction projects where there are multiple levels, loose objects such as beams, materials, and debris have been known to strike workers that are on lower levels. This goes to a lack of organization, and again, construction companies need to do a better job of protecting their workers against this type of hazard.


The third leading cause of construction worker fatalities is electrocutions. Because construction sites are literally a “work in progress”, there are typically a lot of loose wires, lighting, unfinished electrical systems, and power lines in the area. Construction workers who are doing jobs nearby these electrical hazards need to use the right equipment and be properly trained to exercise extreme caution.

Caught-In Between

Caught in-between or crush injuries are the fourth leading cause of construction worker fatalities. Construction sites are filled with heavy machinery, tools, and materials, and workers often find themselves trapped between immovable equipment and/or objects. OSHA also puts collapsing structures in this category. Getting caught in-between can lead to some very serious injuries, such as severe fractures and amputations/loss of limbs.

Being Hit by Vehicles

With a typical construction project, there are multiple vehicles that are frequently carrying materials into and out of the site. Many sites are also located near highways or busy roads where there are cars and trucks continually driving by. When these drivers are distracted or it is dark, they may not see a nearby construction worker until it is too late. Vehicle accidents are

especially common in road/highway construction zones, where workers are doing projects alongside oncoming traffic.

These are five common types of construction accidents that are listed by OSHA, but this list only scratches the surface. There are numerous other kinds of accidents that can occur at a construction site. Some examples include:

  • Overexertion/repetitive stress injuries;
  • Misuse of tools and machinery;
  • Crane and hoist accidents;
  • Forklift accidents;
  • Elevator shaft accidents;
  • Gas leaks, fires and explosions;
  • Exposure to toxic substances.

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Construction accidents are sometimes the fault of third parties, such as subcontractors, vehicle drivers, and product manufacturers or distributors. With so much at stake so many different variables involved with cases like these, it is strongly advisable to work with experienced attorneys who have a proven track record of success in this area of the law.

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