250 14th street construction accident

250 14th Street Construction Accidents

In late 2019, developer Toll Brothers unveiled plans for a residential apartment complex that would be located at 250 14th St. NE., a 1.35-acre site in Midtown Atlanta, just west of Piedmont Park. After some requested revisions, the latest design calls for “a sophisticated modernist building that merges the energy of Midtown’s commercial core with the distinct character of the residential neighborhood.”

Midtown leaders have given the go-ahead to the revised plans, which could produce a 17-story tower with approximately 175 luxury apartments while preserving the existing apartment buildings that are located at the rear of the property. The previously proposed Dowling condo project that was supposed to be built on this site has been scrapped, and the new Toll Brothers luxury apartment project is moving forward.

The 250 14th St. NE. luxury apartment project will provide much-needed housing for Atlanta residents who work nearby, and the project will also provide jobs for numerous workers in construction and related industries.

While the 250 14th St. NE. project will be very beneficial for Midtown Atlanta, it is extremely important for those in charge of this project to take the steps necessary to keep their workers safe. Construction is among the most hazardous industries, and hundreds of workers lose their lives each year because of injuries on the job.

Risks for Construction Injuries on the 250 14th St. NE. Project

According to OSHA, more than one out of every five worker fatalities that occur in the private sector each year happen in construction. About 60% of the deaths that happen in the construction industry result from one of what OSHA calls the “fatal four”:

  • Slips and Falls: Slips, trips, and falls are by far the leading cause of construction related fatalities, accounting for approximately one third of all deaths. Construction workers frequently perform tasks in higher elevations where there is a greater risk of a fall. This is why it is so important to ensure that surfaces are kept clean and free of slippery substances, and that proper procedures are implemented to help mitigate these risks.
  • Being Struck By/Struck Against Events: About 11% of all construction related deaths are caused by workers getting struck by an object or struck against an object or hard surface. With so many workers performing tasks in a fast-paced environment, falling debris is an ongoing problem, and the job site also needs to be well organized so that workers are not frequently put in harm’s way.
  • Electrical Injuries: On a typical construction site like the one at 250 14th NE., a lot of electrical wiring is completed while the structure is being built and before the finishing work can be done. This creates the danger of wires that can get struck by a worker accidentally, which could cause an electrocution. Electrocutions account for just under 9% of all construction worker deaths. Again, strict procedures must be implemented to prevent these types of injuries from occurring.
  • Being Caught In-Between/Crush Injuries: Working within enclosed areas in a fast-paced environment creates an ongoing risk of a worker getting caught in between or crushed. This can result in severe injuries – most commonly the loss of limbs – and these types of injuries also account for roughly 6% of all construction related deaths.

In addition to the fatal four, there are several other hazards that can cause construction worker injuries and fatalities:

  • Gas Leaks, Fires, and Explosions
  • Crane and Hoist Accidents
  • Forklift Accidents
  • Tool and Machinery Accidents
  • Elevator Shaft Accidents
  • Exposure to Toxic Substances
  • Repetitive Stress Injuries
  • Transportation Accidents

Who is Liable for a Midtown Atlanta Construction Accident?

As we have talked about earlier, construction accidents that occur at 250 14th St. NE. and other Atlanta area jobsites can result in severe and in many cases fatal injuries. When this occurs, victims and their loved ones deserve to be compensated. If their employer has workers’ compensation coverage, then the employee would need to file a workers’ comp claim, and they would generally be prohibited from filing a personal injury lawsuit against their employer.

Workers’ compensation is a no-fault program, and it provides coverage for necessary medical care and reimbursement for some of the employee’s lost wages. However, it does not cover the employee for intangible losses such as physical and emotional pain-and-suffering and diminished quality of life. Although an employee usually cannot sue an employer for losses that go beyond what can be recovered through workers’ comp, there may be other legal avenues available through which they can obtain additional compensation.

Construction worker accidents are complicated events, and typically, there are numerous contributing factors. In many construction site accident cases, it is found that a party other than the employer played a role in causing the accident.

Construction projects involve a number of different moving parts, and employees of a construction company are often working alongside many other contractors and subcontractors. These may include electricians, plumbers, and iron and steel workers.

Here are just a few common examples of third parties that could be at fault for a construction accident:

  • A worker is electrocuted after striking some loose wiring that an electrician failed to secure.
  • A worker is transporting materials to or from the job site when another car crashes into their vehicle and injures the driver.
  • A defective piece of machinery malfunctions while in use, causing serious injury to the worker who was using it.

Every circumstance is unique, and each will require a thorough investigation to get to the bottom of what happened and identify any and all parties that might be at fault. Because of the complex nature of construction site accident cases, it is always best to work with attorneys who have extensive experience in this area of the law.

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